Prestige Menu

Prestige now to unlock {{zm.model.persistentData.prestigePointsEarned|whole}} prestige points

This will reset your game progress but grant you powerful prestige points to spend.

You currently have {{zm.model.persistentData.prestigePointsToSpend|whole}} prestige points to spend


Cost: {{zm.upgradePrice(upgrade)|whole}} Points


Current Rank: {{zm.currentRank(upgrade)}}{{upgrade.cap != 0 ? ' / ' + upgrade.cap : ''}} - {{zm.upgradeStatInfo(upgrade)}}



{{zm.upgradePrice(upgrade)|whole}} {{upgrade.costType}}


Current Rank: {{zm.currentRank(upgrade)}}{{upgrade.cap != 0 ? ' / ' + upgrade.cap : ''}} - {{zm.upgradeStatInfo(upgrade)}}

Unholy Construction

Building - {{zm.model.persistentData.currentConstruction.name}}

Consuming {{zm.model.persistentData.currentConstruction.costPerTick.energy|decimal}} energy {{zm.model.persistentData.currentConstruction.costPerTick.blood|decimal}} blood {{zm.model.persistentData.currentConstruction.costPerTick.brains|decimal}} brains {{zm.model.persistentData.currentConstruction.costPerTick.bones|decimal}} bones each second


Time Remaining: {{zm.model.persistentData.currentConstruction.timeRemaining}}

Production stopped, need more energy blood brains bones



Current Rank: {{zm.currentRankConstruction(upgrade)}} / {{upgrade.cap}}

Cursed Graveyard

Bone Collectors

Hire bone collectors to gather bones from the town's dead and your own fallen zombies. Each bone collector consumes 1 energy per second. They're hungry little creatures. Must be all that running around.

Energy rate {{zm.model.getEnergyRate()|decimal}} per second

Zombies to Spawn

Control how many zombies the graveyard spawns each time your energy is full. This is limited by your maximum energy.

Caged Zombies

You currently have {{zm.model.zombiesInCages}} / {{zm.model.zombieCages}} zombies caged

You can release them to fight again, or sacrifice them to gain {{zm.model.cagedZombieSacrificeValue().blood|whole}} blood, {{zm.model.cagedZombieSacrificeValue().brains}} brains, and {{zm.model.cagedZombieSacrificeValue().bones}} bones


Release harpies that drop barrels of plague infected zombie flesh on unsuspecting humans. Each harpy consumes 1 energy per second.

Energy rate {{zm.model.getEnergyRate()|decimal}} per second

Earn bonuses by collecting the severed heads of VIPs from certain towns. These trophies persist through prestige resets, while escaped VIPs will return to town.


The runesmith enchants your zombies with magical symbols of life and death. These runes can be infused with resources to increase their power.


Rune of Life

The rune of life increases your zombies defensive capabilities

Rune of Death

The rune of death increases your zombies offensive capabilities


How to play

  • {{text}}

Auto Start Next Level

Automatically start the next level after 3 seconds. If you want to play without actually playing.

Render Resolution

Choose your preferred resolution to render the game.

50% will run better on slower hardware but may look blurry.

100% will pixel match the resolution reported by your browser.

200% will double the reported values which may look better on retina devices or smartphones.

Add to Home Screen

You can add this game to your smartphones home screen without having to install anything.

Show Zoom Buttons

If you're unable to zoom with other methods this will add some buttons to the screen for zooming the map.

Show Framerate Counter

Used for performance testing

Manage Save

Import or export a saved game

Reset Game

This will reset all save data if you want to start from the very beginning again.


Take control of a horde of zombies to ravage small towns

Level {{zm.model.level}} Complete

All the humans are either dead or undead!

You have earned {{zm.model.level}} prestige points

Your bone collectors have gathered the remaining {{zm.model.endLevelBones}} bones from the town

You have prestiged!

It's time to start from the beginning again, but this time stronger and faster.

You have {{zm.model.persistentData.prestigePointsToSpend}} prestige points to spend

It is recommended to spend your points before clicking start game

as some of their effects will only activate when a new level is started.